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I just publish my game on google play 3 days ago and I saw these post yesterday :
- https://godotengine.org/qa/28626/why-google-play-team-thinks-my-app-requires-permissions
- https://godotengine.org/article/fixing-godot-games-published-google-play

Currently im using godotv2.1.2-stablewin32 and im following shinnil instructions to export my game to android.

Can anyone please explain to me the details and do you think I need to download godot 2.1.4 ?

Im still on highschool and I have no background in coding so it will be pain for me to relearn how to download and use a new custom template for my game.

Thanks a lot :)

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Doesn't seem like too big a problem. I don't think you need to download 2.1.4.

In the second link you provided:

A) You use Godot 2.1.x and don't need any specific Android permissions: We've built a new 2.1.4-stable template with all placeholder permissions removed, so you can use it as custom template to export your game.

I'd try that custom template and see if your application still works as expected, and if it does, redeploy.

If you DO need permissions Option B) gives you step by step instructions on how to create your own custom template. Follow those instructions and redeploy. Add a privacy policy if you're collecting sensitive user information.

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Yes my app need some permissions. So what I need to are :
1. Follow the Option B) instructions, and test it on godot 2.1.2
2. If it doesnt work download godot 2.1.4 and test on it

am I correct ?

Yeah, that's what I'd do.

okay, now i know what my real problem really is. I cant compile templates using scons.

there must be something wrong , but I will continue asking for help in the next godot questions

Thanks a lot :)

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