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Lately I have publish my first android game and I want to add a "Rate us" button to open my google play store link.

I've tried using OS.shell_open("url"), but it seems thats its not working on android.
any suggestions ?

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I just tested 15 minutes ago and worked fine for me. How is your url you are passing?

that's weird. Here's my test code :
if get_node("Label").is_hidden() and get_node("rate_us").is_pressed() : OS.shell_open("www.facebook.com")

btw its working on my pc but its not working when I debug on my android

I usually put http:// or https:// before the www. See if that works

HAHAHAHHA yes its works, silly mistakes but did I learn a lot from it. If I just use my link in the first place I wouldn't know about this. Thanks a lot !

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