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Good day.

I am trying to save a database file from res:// folder to user:// folder using the code below:

if !o.file_exists("user://test-new.db"):
    print("does not exists")

    # Delete old test version
    if o.file_exists("user://test-old.db"):
        print("deleting old")
        print("no old file")

        # Copy the file from RES/dbase to USER
    print("copying files")

It works fine when I run it on PC but I am getting the following error in logcat when running in android

05-27 22:47:38.447 23258 23272 I godot : does not exists

05-27 22:47:38.447 23258 23272 I godot : no old file

05-27 22:47:38.447 23258 23272 I godot : copying files

05-27 22:47:38.449 23258 23272 E godot : ERROR: Condition ' err ' is true. returned: err

05-27 22:47:38.449 23258 23272 E godot : At: core/os/dir_access.cpp:305:copy() - Condition ' err ' is true. returned: err

05-27 22:47:38.449 23258 23272 I godot : done

I am under the impression that either I cannot write to the destination file, or my source file is not accessible. I was able to write a file on user:// by using file.open so I know I have access to user directory.

I hope someone could shed a light on how to better do this procedure.

BTW, If anyone is curious why I am copying a database to a user folder, I am basically using gdsqlite to access the content of the database to my application. Gdsqlite does require the database to be in user:// folder. It does works fine on PC but not on android devices on which I intend to use it. It is a 5-10mb database and I want it to be stored locally instead of the apps accessing the internet.


Edit: Please close, I found the answer at https://godotengine.org/qa/17959/file-not-exist-on-android

I added *.db in "Export\Resource\Filter to Export non resource file and it worked!

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