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I am using the fileDialog to load in an image.
The file list is always empty when I show it with $FileDialog.show() (http://ictbram.com/godotQuestions/emptyFileList01.png)
The user has to press the refresh button to make the files appear (http://ictbram.com/godotQuestions/emptyFileList02afterRefresh.png )
Is there a way to do this by code?

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There is: overload _draw() of FileDialog

func _draw():
    set_current_dir( path )
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ok, can this be done with gdscript? That's c++ probably? I meant, is there a way to do this by code with gdscript..

Sry, i meant "override". Actually, it is GDScript :)

aha thx, got it with a refresh function in extends FileDialog

func refresh(): 

func _draw():
    set_current_dir( "res://" )

I am not sure if this was the correct answer a while back but in 3.2 this does not work for me. use fileDialog.invalidate() instead.

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Just in case anyone still wonders : the correct of displaying a FileDialog (like any popup) is to call the popup() function :

in this case, instead of $FileDialog.show(), just call $FileDialog.popup()

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While you are correct about the popup(), it does not solve the problem off having to click on refresh.

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