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I have a autoload global.gd file with a variables: gold, mana, hp, etc. When the player dies I want to be able to reset to the beginning of the game with the default values I placed in the code?

I tried: gettree().reloadcurrent_scene() but it won't change the global.gd variables. Is this possible to reset autoload/global variables?


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As far as i know, it's not possible to do that.
In fact I hope that such a thing is not possible, as it would've strange consequents, like what happens if an other file tries to access that information in that moment.

I would suggest that you save player specific vars in the player node/object.
But if you want to do it in a global object, you could just create a reset function, allĂ :

func reset():
   health = deafaultVal
   mana = defaultVal

And just call that, instead of using var mana = defaultVal

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