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I have the frames of a Sprite animated by an AnimationPlayer (a character running) in Godot 3.0. I have another animation to be played when the character takes damage, where the sprite visibility is toggled on and off to produce a flashing effect. How can I play both animations at the same time? Do I use an AnimationTreePlayer?

Thanks in advance

asked May 20, 2018 in Engine by camarones (101 points)

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You should use two AnimationPlayers as children of your Sprite.

The first will play the main animations and the second will play the effect animations.

Here is the structure:

KinematicBody2D (or whatever your main node is)
        AnimationPlayer1 (for your spritesheet)
        AnimationPlayer2 (for your effects)

You should create a reference to the first animation player and call it something like anim_player and create a reference to the second animation player and call it something like effect_player. Then you can reference them to play whatever animations you want in your code.

For example, in your main node script:

onready var anim_player = get_node("Sprite/AnimationPlayer1")
onready var effect_layer = get_node("Sprite/AnimationPlayer2")

func take_damage(amount):
    # lower health
    health -= amount
    # play correct animations
answered May 20, 2018 by Diet Estus (1,504 points)
selected May 21, 2018 by camarones
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