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Long time ago I published simple game on Google Play. It is tic tac toe that does everything offline, does not save or load anything from user and this is how export looked when I exported it.
enter image description here
Yesterday I received mail from Google Play team saying that my game has been removed. When I asked why, they responded with mail. This is part of the mail:
enter image description here

From these images is clearly visible that I do not use camera at all. What could cause this?

asked May 18 in Engine by Sprowk (224 points)

hello sprowk, same here.

I believe back in godot 2.1.2 the android manifest file included tons of godot permissions which were recognised by google even if we did not use them.

Later I believe they fixed it (godot 2.1.4?).

You can try your project in the latest godot 2.1.5 rc and export it again to see if those permissions are still there.

Thank you for noticing me that this problem is probably fixed. I will try once 2.1.5 is ready.

may I ask you about your current app condition ? I just post my game on playstore 4 days ago and then I saw ur post.

I cant compile my own android module (there's is a prolem that I cant solve while compiling) So im curious about your current details. Thanks :)

hello there,

I did nothing about it yet. My apps have been removed. I will try to update them as soon as I can. I may be waiting for godot 2.1.5?

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Please see these comments, it has an easy solution


answered May 19 by Gerardo Gonzalez (140 points)
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