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Imagine I'm trying to make a realistic pencil with a graphite tip, a wooden stem and a rubber on the end.
Each material has different physical properties (the rubber would bounce, while the graphite tip would not) but it acts as a single body in space.
How would I do this in Godot?
In other physics engines I've used, it's possible to create compound bodies to achieve this, but there appears to be no such feature in Godot.
In a similar vein, I would like to have a single rigid body that consists of different collision layers & masks - e.g. one shape belonging to one set of layers and one shape belonging to another set of layers - or rather the ability to join separate rigid bodies so they act as one (a compound)

The closest thing I can think of is to use multiple joints with no degree of movement or rotational freedom.
I haven't checked, but I'd imagine they would not fare well against high impact forces.

asked 6 days ago in Engine by hedgehog90 (14 points)

Would really appreciate some help on this.
Joints don't seem to be a good solution, so how should I implement something like the pencil in my question?

Bump again.....

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