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If you were aware of the game everwing. I want something like that. I'm using kinematic body 2d
Sorry for my English. Thanks in advanced

asked May 17 in Projects by Ryan Monte gammad (15 points)

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You may want to just continuously tween the player's global position to the global position of the cursor.

You can do this using a Tween node and its interpolateproperty() method. The property being interpolated is the Player's globalposition.

Make calls to Input singleton to get the current Input to know where the destination should be.

(These are rough ideas for you to look into, not a detailed plan.)

answered May 17 by Diet Estus (1,261 points)

Thank you for respond. I made it. But my only problem now is when I touch my player and drag, It can go beyond the screen. Plsss help me. Sorry for my English again.

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