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First of all, I'm using Godot 3

I'm trying to publish a game on Android, I'm able to export the APK package but when I tried to upload it to the Google Play Store I always get the same error, I can't upload an apk with DEBUG mode to true

I remember there is an easy way to enable/disable debug mode for Android on Godot 2 but I cannot see the same feature on Godot 3

Any solution ?

I can't manage to make the next image from imgur to show, but this was how you disable debugging for Android on Godot 2


I can't find the same settings for Godot 3

asked May 16, 2018 in Engine by AlvaroAV (77 points)
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I found a solution:

I set the Debug package as customized and I select the release package. Now when I build the APK, it builds the debug package but I customized it to use android_release.apk what makes it a release package.

Basically I tell the editor to compile the debug package using the release package.

I still don't know how to build the release APK without customizing the debug package

answered May 16, 2018 by AlvaroAV (77 points)
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Project > Export > Android > Export Project > turn OFF "Export with debug" at the bottom of popup window.

enter image description here

answered May 16, 2018 by volzhs (9,464 points)
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