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First of all, I'm using Godot 3

I'm trying to publish a game on Android, I'm able to export the APK package but when I tried to upload it to the Google Play Store I always get the same error, I can't upload an apk with DEBUG mode to true

I remember there is an easy way to enable/disable debug mode for Android on Godot 2 but I cannot see the same feature on Godot 3

Any solution ?

I can't manage to make the next image from imgur to show, but this was how you disable debugging for Android on Godot 2


I can't find the same settings for Godot 3

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I found a solution:

I set the Debug package as customized and I select the release package. Now when I build the APK, it builds the debug package but I customized it to use android_release.apk what makes it a release package.

Basically I tell the editor to compile the debug package using the release package.

I still don't know how to build the release APK without customizing the debug package

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Project > Export > Android > Export Project > turn OFF "Export with debug" at the bottom of popup window.

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Hello, thanks for the information, that solved a problem for me with google play but there is still another problem, google play tells me "you have signed the apk in debugging mode, you must sign it in launch mode" how should I solve that? How should i sign it in launch mode? I have my data set for debug and release mode signing, however for some reason it is debug mode signing on export.

Unfortunately this does not work for me. Google Play still complains that my .aab is signed in debug mode even when I export with debugging unchecked.
Edit: I solved my issue. Apparently we need to use a different command to generate a release key than we did for our debug key:

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