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good afternoon I would like to make the suggestion that the program had its own official course, in this way many more people would know how to use the program effectively and would become much more popular, I think the only program that has its own course is GIMP but the defect of them is that the course is paid and therefore not many people access it and the program is not broadcast, I think with a free course and in several languages such as English, Spanish and Chinese how to use the program would become more popular the same and would be much more used than other similar programs

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So Godot doc's tutorials aren't enough.


I am a bit ignorant in what is currently out there as far as resources, but as Slsilicon mentioned, the docs is the official "program" currently.

Also, there are a ton of Youtube videos out there and the site Kids Can Code that are really good resources.

If you believe that there should be a more comprehensive program, it might need to be brought up on a different venue (e.g. reddit, etc.). Perhaps reach out to Thomas Herzog, who is now the program manager for the Godot Project. This might be something where a "GoFundMe" initiative would help or something.

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