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Hi there. I'm having trouble with my 3d model. It works well on my device if I compile using the default export template for android, but it gets awful if I compile using my custom build template.
Here is the screenshot of my problem.
problem using custom android  template
I built the template using this command:

scons platform=android target=release android_arch=x86 openssl=no

The default template size is 14.7Mb, and my custom template is 13.4Mb

What could be the differences between the default template and my custom build template that my model becomes like that? Am I missing something with my build command?

Thank you.

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additional info, from logcat i found that my custom template produced this error:

I/godot   ( 2551): ERROR: _surface_set_arrays: Index idx out of size (total_bones).
I/godot   ( 2551):    At: drivers/gles2/rasterizer_gles2.cpp:2575.

but it didn't happen with the default one.

Any help would be appreciated.


I use my custom android template but I don't have this issue.
what is your compile environment, OS, ndk, sdk?

Him Volzhs, glad to know that you don't have this issue, so I know that it should work fine :)

Here are my specs:
OS: Manjaro Linux
Kernel: kernel 4.1.20
Godot master: fresh from git
SDK: android-sdkr24.4.1
NDK: android-ndk-r11b

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Do you have compiled the editor too? if not, try to compile the editor from source..

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