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How do you handle updates to your Asset Library Project?

Do you just upload your changes to your GitHub repository and edit your Asset Library Project to new version number, or do you create a new Asset Library submission and wait for approval again?

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How I do is that every time I make a change to my repository I then edit asset library submission, then wait for approval.

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I finally got around to uploading my changes to GitHub and changing my asset library info.
Do you know if the Asset library will automatically point to new version or do I have to do something with the download links?

What do you mean by new version? You mean the Godot version the addon is meant for, or the version of the addon itself?

What I mean by new version, is the new version I uploaded to GitHub. The master branch now has v1.1 instead of 1.0. Does the asset library automatically point to the new version on GitHub or do I have to do something to get that working in my edit of the asset library item. Sorry for confusion...

AFAIK, no it does not automatically change the version number. What I do when I update an asset is press the edit button when you select, and then simply change the version number. While you are at it, also change the current commit of the GitHub repository as that won't update automatically either.

I changed version and the commit so everything should be good. Thanks!

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