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This is my simple question, nothing else, is this estupid? Is a bad idea? The target is always the PC platform. (Sorry for my bad english)

asked May 5, 2018 in Gossip by SmithCenturion (32 points)

Stop apologizing for your English.

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Godot itself was built with the same features it offers to game developers. And Godot is not a game.

Therefore, it is possible to build excellent non-game software with Godot.

So, build whatever you'd like with it!

answered May 6, 2018 by Diet Estus (1,440 points)
selected May 7, 2018 by SmithCenturion

Nice, i will try

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It's not a stupid question. I have developed a desktop application for a sport gym.

answered May 5, 2018 by jospic (1,420 points)

hahah amazing broh!

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I come from the near future haha.

I know it's not right to relive old post but it is possible that other people are asking this same question even more if they are juniors and they feel comfortable with godot and gdscript (as it is and has been my case)

It is true that with godot you can do all kinds of applications, nothing prevents you; At that time I wanted to develop a simple software to control stock and invoices ... I thought it was crazy to do it with Godot but I did it!

The problem does not lie in being able to do or not some application that is not a game in godot, I just think that it is not suitable since it was not thought for it and you are losing experience in using programming languages ​​and programs / ide / environments that if they are for them and that they will be required in the working world, since you do not often find programmers who like to make systems with godot haha.

I just wanted to say it based on the experience I lived in this time that has passed; I know maybe it's something obvious ... but hey, I needed to say it.

Long live Godot :)

answered Jun 14 by SmithCenturion (32 points)
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yes you can use godot for non-game projects

answered Jul 12 by Dooowy. (216 points)
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