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I am working in 2D and want to play around with the parameters in WorldEnvironment. Mainly, I want to experiment with fog and lighting.

How do I either (1) access the default WorldEnvironment to change parameters, or (2) create a new WorldEnvironment node to change parameters?

I usually find the Godot documentation sufficient, but this time I couldn't find the answer in it.

I've tried adding a WorldEnvironment node to my camera, which is Camera2D child of my Player node. I created a new Environment resource for it. But I am not seeing any effects when I fiddle with the parameters.

I notice that the 3D Camera node has a parameter for an Environment resource, but the Camera2D does not. So, is there a way to change the WorldEnvironment when working in 2D with a Camera2D?

This GitHub issue seems to be related. There seems to be some confusion over whether WorldEnvironment is applicable to 2D.

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I'm pretty sure World environment only applies to 3D scenes.
Notice how most of the settings inside it are meant to be used in 3D.

  • DOF blur near and far
  • SS reflections
  • SSAO etc.

If you need stuff like bloom and color correction, those can easily be created using a polygon covering your camera2D's view, a high z value to make sure nothing covers it, and a custom shader material.

Fog in 2D? No offence but unless your talking about height based fog It sounds kinda silly.

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Dunno if you solved this already but inside the environment change the Mode to canvas.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, it work for me...here my screenshot me applying the glow effect in 2d

Made brightness and contrast sliders with that, thanks for the info!

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