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Hello there!

In my project, I am now working on the HUD for a player. But I am stucked at the minimap / radar feature. I've read other questions and some articles on different sites, but I haven't found the answer.

I've just found that I need a container, viewport, sprite and camera2d. Added Area2d to my player to detect bodies to display. Ok..., but what now? In addition, my player can change the equipment and increase the range of a radar for detecting bodies, but the radar will always have the same size. How to achieve it? Displaying the body's position relative to the player?

How to actually code it?

Thank you for any advice and help.

I've found my way how to do it. So this is a solved thread.

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Errr, what? That's an Godot Engine QA, not HowToMakeAGame QA. I don't want be rude, but.. Where's question here? Radar and minimap is gamedev topic.
I don't even know HOW it supose to look. Any screenshoot, something? Don't you know how to make Control, how to code behavior of it, or what?
EDIT: Pls. split that to smaller questions, ie. how to make "that" (here's screen) control? Or: How to update detect range of my radar? (then show code wich you have).

Well, I realized that this was actually a bad question. Sorry for that. Been a while without net connection. Anyway, in the time without the net, I've figured out how to create the radar I wanted. Without viewport, camera, etc. Just code with a texture. So this is actually a solved thread.

But thanks for the answer, Kamil :-)

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