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I tried for hours every combination for the collada exporter of VoxelShop (1.8.19/Linux) to import it in Godot (3.0.2/Linux) I know that it works (did it a few months ago, but can't remember if it was unity or godot I imported in)

What do I have to tick in the VoxelShop Collada Export?

In Godot basically create a new MeshInstance and attach the texture to the albedo of a SpatialMaterial or did I understand something wrong?

In VoxelShop there are these options:

Algorithm: Optimal (Poly2Tri) / Low Poly (Rectangular)
Export textured Voxels
Triangulate by color
Use Vertex Coloring
Use overlapping UVs
Use skewed UVs
Use Texture Padding
Use Power of Two textures
Set Y instead of Z as up axis
Export orthogonal Vertex Normals

asked May 1, 2018 in Engine by ellogwen (19 points)

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I did kind of get it to work with a step to import it to blender, set the texture and export with better collada.


EONS on discord told me to export it as vox (magicavoxel) from VoxelShop and use https://github.com/scayze/MagicaVoxel-Importer to import it directly to godot, and it works as expected.


Well, what should I say? I played around a bit more, and you can directly import colladas from VoxelShop to godot:

Export with Triangulated by color and use vertex coloring enabled from VoxelShop.
Import DAE file into godot and create a New SpatialMaterial at the Mesh/Surface 1, then at Vertex Color enable USe as Albedo and Is Srgb

answered May 1, 2018 by ellogwen (19 points)
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