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Is it possible to have an object, such as a propeller or windmill blade, rotate 360 degrees on a loop using the animation player? It's easy enough to do using code, just wondering if I'm missing something.

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I don't have access to Godot right now, so I can off, but looping can be found "track and timeline" controls under the animation panel: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.0/tutorials/animation/introduction_2d.html

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Yeah, I know about the looping, but if you try to make an object rotate 360 degrees continuously it goes from the last keyframe to the first in the opposite directionas the other rotation keyframes.

So, just go 0, 180, 360 (or 359 if needed).

Yea, use 359 (or -359) on the last frame (the count starts at 0, so 359 makes the 360th degree).
And two keyframes will do (start and end).

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It seems to work if i create a keyframe at the beginning with a rotation of 0 degrees and at the end (basically at the same time as the beginning since it's looping), with a rotation of 360 degrees.

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