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If I add a function call keyframe in an animation for an inherited from an imported dae file, it doesn't save... If I "save" the scene, then exit it and reopen it, the function calls are gone...

What do I do?

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Scenes generated by Godot from imported models should not be edited directly. There is even a popup telling you this I think.
You are supposed to create a new scene inheriting the base one, and then add modifications to it, however if the animation was part of the imported stuff, I have no idea if it will work to modify it in an inherited scene :/

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The model is inherited in this scene, and every other modification I make works, just not the animations, or more specifically, the function calls. Keyframes for hiding or translating meshes seem to save.

Oooh... interesting.
Maybe that's a bug that should be reported. Maybe this? https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/12801

Or that https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/6169

Both of those seem accurate. I'll be sure to subscribe to them on the Github. Thanks.

Well, I've experienced the latter, but the problem I'm having right now is that I'm just editing an animation player that is inherited. I never saved the player or any animations.

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