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I've just started using Godot to make a 3d first person game, and I'm having trouble reimporting my 3d models. In UE4 I could export a new 3d model in blender, then click reimport in UE4 and it would replace all instances of the old 3d model with the new version, but I haven't found a way to do that in Godot.

Currently I'm importing the .dae files from blender, then making a scene for that 3d model, then I'm adding that scene to a scene for that level in my game. When i export a new version of the mesh, it updates the mesh in the scene for that 3d model, but 3d model scene doesn't update in the level scene. Is there a quick way of getting the new 3d model scene in my level without deleting the old one and adding it to the level again? Thanks!

asked Apr 28, 2018 in Engine by tmntnuclearcrater (15 points)

I have the exact same problem. Hoping for an answer.

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