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Hello !

I'm currently working on a rythme game, and I want to create "slider", with is a long note in the game. And a slider is defined as a simple cubic bezier curve. So I use Polygon 2D for making the "slider background". But..

enter image description here

So.. Like you can see, the texture doesn't snap to polygon points, giving a weird look to my slider.

Have you an advice, or do you know how to force UV texture to be "on" polygon points, and not like this ?

Thanks you !

PS: If you want the UV : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/484927Screenshot4.png

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I had the same problem on my laser implementation with polygons:
You need to manually create the polygons on code to correct the uv, more about this here:
look at this code from LeonardMeagher2 for a how to:

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