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Gut 6.3.0 released.

The readme has been converted to a wiki for easier consumption.

You can now have Inner Test classes. This helps organize your tests better in a single test script. It allows you to have multiple contexts for your tests. No more making one setup that works for 100 different unrelated tests. Now you can have 10 Inner Test classes in one script. Each with their own setup/teardown/variables etc.

Experimental Doubles and Stubs. I'm really excited about this feature but I don't know how right I got it. Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts.

There was another reorg to the repo, this should be the last. If you have a tool in the Asset Library, and don't know about the .gitattributes file...check it out. It can keep files out of the zip that Github generates which makes distributing your tool MUCH easier for you users, especially when installed directly from the editor.

More info at:

As always, happy testing everyone!

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