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I have asteroids that i want to be able to turn to a gold color by turning a boolean "gold" to true. I have the current line in the ready function:

if gold == true:

But for some reason this makes it completely white, which doesn't make sense because if i just change the modulation to these values it works fine. Anyone know what's going on? I used print and i found that it does recognize modulate with these values but it still doesn't turn it gold.

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The Color constructor expects float values between 0-1.

If you want to use 0-255, use the Color8()GDScript function.


Also, your code could be simplified:

if gold:
    modulate = Color8(244, 253, 21)
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Oh yeah, thanks! And thanks for teaching me about the Color8 type, that's helpful.

To be precise: Color8() is not a type, it's a GDScript function that returns a Color object.

oh, nice to know.

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