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Hello there! I've found out that my parallax backround that worked well in 2.1.4 is now doing nothing on v3.0. Any ideas why?

I have parallax backround with two parallaxLayer nodes in my 2D projects. As shown below, one layer is for the nebula and second one for the stars. I can actually see it in the editor. But once I hit play the scene, the background is missing. It has no code in any script.

Camera2D node is part of a player instance, while the backround belongs to the map (system 1-1) = Node2D.

EDIT_1: I actually have a closer look and have already changed the draw order. The picture below, the one cought in the editor, has wrong order now. But the problem persist. In the editor, I can see the HUD, player ship, the star, nebula and the stars background. But still nothing can be seen in game.

EDIT_2: I've found the background in my game. But it seems to be on a strange coordinates. Anyway, I'll play around with it. Consider this solved.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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