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so i started using Godot and i love the engine but i have one problem, the engine runs horribly slow, i doesnt have a bad pc it doesnt even eat all my resources, i can run unity with a project without any problems, so i hope that someone can help me.
P.S : im sorry for my bad englisch

My System Requirements:

I3 3220 with 4x3.3Ghz
8gb DDR3 1600Mhz ram
asus radeon HD6850 DirectCU Edition
ASRock H61M-GS

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Weird, I run Godot smoothly on an absolute brick. Hope you find a solution!

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Very odd. Any chance you could try running Godot in a Windows (or whatever you're using) VM?

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I tried and it didnt even start in ubuntu via vm

I see, so must be hardware related. I've got no idea, may have to open a Github issue and list your complete configuration. Like the other guy said, Godot is very light on requirements.

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