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Hello, I have recently discovered a problem in the engine, I made a very simple mobile game where only I character to jump platforms, but when adding a funds in parallax the game simply slows down with the fps passing from 45-60 to 7-10 FPS, I was wondering how can I remove this caused lag.

This is not the first time that this happens, I have another game that I had done in godot 2.0 where I created an enemy in which one adds many of it the game was slow even on the pc.

This problem is making me very unmotivated with godot to the point of making me want to use another engine, but I really like godot so I really want to solve those problems

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Is the framerate drop present in the exported game or just in the editor? I often have fairly severe framerate drops when i play projects from the editor that just don't occur when i export them. As for adding lots of instanced scenes, there are ways to improve performance, such as not having their scripts running when they're not visible on the screen, making sure to call queue_free() on everything when it's not needed anymore, etc.

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