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i'm planning on creating a Lan multiplayer game on mobile ( only to android ) that can support up to 4 or 6 players, and i was wondering is that possible? i've seen the tutorial on pong and the bomb proj's but is that code also applicable on mobile? my game is going to a fast phased action

i have some knowledge regarding implementing lan networking in mobile using lua and corona sdk and know about the TCP/UDP and multicasting/broadcasting stuff.
can i apply that in godot? or is the code kinda different?

my previous problem with my game was time synchronization and position syncing.
is the multiplayer demos have been build and tested on two computers/mobile through lan? i wanna know it works on real situation?

sorry i have to many questions even though a total newbie like literal yesterday-newbie, i was amazed on godot and thinking on switching to it.

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