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I tried all green nodes godot can offer but could not figure this out.
I am trying to vertically line up control nodes, for example labels so they do not occupy more space than they need to. I will need it to react in real time if I add another labels or buttons.

Which nodes, flags or something else should do it?

example image

On the left is what I want.
On the right is when it occupies more space.

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A VBoxContainer might be what you need. Additionally, you can change its "separation" under Custom constants to 0 and activate the constant with the left checkbox.

It will resize automatically when you add or remove nodes.

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On a side note, if you see your controls shrink to a very small size, you have to give them a minimum size (because the current size becomes controlled by the VBoxContainer).

thank you both. Indeed had a problem with shrinking and minimum size worked nicely.

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