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Work in manjaro linux, Godotv3.0.2-stablex11.64
Editor setting(adb, jarsigner, debugkeystore) correct (check in Godat 2.14, work well)
Test on XPERIA X Performance (7.1.2 (CarbonRom), 6.0.1(Sony original))
test failed (both)

set project rendering quality low (some option set to 'disabled')
physic frame 24 .. etc
... means setting up very light project

when I )
- export to android (2D), it goes well
- export to android (3D), it broken

and I test more )
- export to android "3D in 2D" example, it works first frame and when it load mesh (next frame), app broken (2D work well)
- export to android 3D with no mesh work well (even have light, camera rotating) (3D platform work well)
- export to android 3D with only cube it broken (mesh doesn't work)

and test same thing in Godot 2.14 )
- work well (2D, 3D)

I think it can be problem of
- loading Mesh
- calculating shader

they don't print any error, just work well (from build to install apk) and break(stopped) on phone (export to linux also work well)
am I missed something or any suggestion..?
I want to use sensor, so Godot 2.x is no use to me

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XPERIA X Performance has Adreno 530 GPU.
Godot 3.0.x uses OpenGL ES 3.0 for mobile.

AFAIK, there are some problems for GLES 3 with Adreno gpus.

there are several issue for it on github already.


Godot 3.1 will have GLES 2 renderer again and it will solve the adreno issues.

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Thank you for your fine explanation :)

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