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Hello everyone. Today I compiled my first custom build of Godot and everything went fine.
Now I wat to compile a export template for template focusing only in the modules I'm using in my game.
In the modules folder ( https://github.com/godotengine/godot/tree/master/modules ) we can see a lot of modules but I can't see what each of them do. Someone knows the meaning of them? I don't wan't to delete everything and face errors later.

asked Apr 15, 2018 in Engine by AzorMachine (60 points)
edited Apr 16, 2018 by volzhs

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to disable a module

is module/mymodulefolder/config.py

#turn can_build to false
def can_build(platform):
    return False

def configure(env):

here is a small list of thing that the modules add

enet - networking

visualscript - http://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.0/getting_started/scripting/visual_script/getting_started.html

freetype - fonts.

jpg - images.

just go through the list of things you are using for your game. And disable the formats you are not using

answered May 9, 2018 by hungrymonkey (425 points)
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