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Hi guys,

I'm would have like to know if there is a way to avoid weird translations with parallax bg and layers when zooming in/out? I tried the ignore camera zoom but I don't think it is really 'realistic'. Any hint?

My guess would be probably to switch my 2d game to 3d, however I have no idea how hard this could be. I saw, few months ago, a snapshot of Juan showing a 2d game made in 3D (it was a mario bros clone).

Thank you !

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Currently the parallax layer node suffers from strange issues with camera zoom and rotation...

Thank you! However the only bug I found "close" to that issue is
Which is somewhat unrelated.

Is there already a ticket for that issue?

Well, it would be nice to open a new one, including a small test project, etc.

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At the moment, there isn't such an option.
I solved the issue by moving the Layers myself with this script:

And here was my problem: http://www.godotengine.org/qa/1322/camera-zoom-like-a-resolution-change

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