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How to we communicate with the (wonderful and benevolent) developers to ask for new features?

My specific feature request is:
To support Blender better by importing Blender's Cycles Materials, and not Blender Internal materials only.
Reason: Blender Internal, though still shipping, but was discontinued roughly 4 years ago ( https://twitter.com/dingto/status/268655993020350464 ) and few serious users bother with it any longer. Since Cycles is vastly superior, it's the way going forward.
Secondarily, I would love to have a "Navigation Scheme" (from Settings | Editor Settings | 3d Editor | Navigation Scheme) that supports / emulates Blender.

Blender and Godot go together like hand-in-glove - I'm very thankful for the Better Collada exporter as well.

So how do we make feature requests like this one?

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