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I am trying to make two versions of a tile which uses the same image, but one must be offset for convenience. The problem is, I can't figure out how to properly add an offset without breaking the mirror mechanic when painting the map.

I tried to use the "centered = false" option, but when I mirror or rotate the sprite, it takes wrong positions:
Screenshot Screenshot

I tried to use "centered = true", but now the offset param is not applied as I expected, and mirroring is even worse:
Screenshot Screenshot

I can't reduce the tiles size because they are meant to be rotated inside 32x32 rects and some aren't that "square".
The only fix I have in mind is to have a separate sprite that just has 32x16 of whitespace on its left... but I really don't want to repeat all border tiles needing that offset just for that :(

Any ideas?

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Which version of godot are you using, and did it work before?

I'm using Godot 2.0.1, it's the first time I try to do it.

Can you provide a sample project to reproduce it.

I did some changes recently to the TileMap behaviour when flipped, but I recreated your sample project in 1.1 and it gives me the same results as in 2.0. Can you give us an image of how you expect it to look?

This is what I expect, with a few flip options (still using the same texture as in the project I linked):
enter image description here
(I edited the screenshot so it looks like what I expect)

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