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I noticed recently that most questions and answers on the homepage have a -1 rating, when earlier they were all 0.

This might reflect the poor nature of the questions and answers, but it raises the question:

Does this forum have ways of preventing serial voting?

If not, should it?

StackEchange has methods of preventing this kind of thing.

asked Apr 8, 2018 in Gossip by Diet Estus (1,371 points)
edited Apr 8, 2018 by Diet Estus

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Serial voting, yes. Just voting, no. That's right, StackExchange has methods of preventing voting, and it sucks. It punishes you for downvoting. Poor questions and answers should be downvoted, and we should not punish that. If we're going to have a method of preventing serial voting, we should just prevent new users from voting if they don't have a certain amount of points (maybe a higher amount for downvoting?), so people can't just create accounts to upvote themselves, and can't downvote unless other people proved this user is good. The user could start serial voting later, though, which is really not preventable.

answered May 6, 2018 by jv110 (24 points)
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