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Is there a plugin/add-on for Godot 3 which implements a neural network? If not would it be possible to use GDNative and Python to implement it that way? Would be interesting to make games that "learn" how the player plays.

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I know GDNative and using the Python neural networks frameworks should be possible (they even mention PyTorch here: https://godotengine.org/article/beta-release-python-support).

With regards to the Python bindings: they work quite well in the editor. You can use Python scripts to extend and enhance your game. However, it's difficult to export a game that contains Python. You'd probably have to manually copy over a number of files just to get it to export.

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From the looks of it there is a project which implements a neural network: Geode. Interesting project, though it looks complicated. Written in C++, too.

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Thank you, seems interesting. Will follow the development of it (although its been 2 month since the last update)

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