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I have some area2D's as a child of a canvas layer. For some reason, when the child of a canvas layer the mouse entered signals no longer work. Does anybody know why this is?


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Maybe that's a bug? Do you have a minimal reproduction project?

I'm pretty sure it happens with any area2d collision shape when set as a child of a canvas layer tbh.

I am having this same issue. I am trying to check if mouse is over HUD with Area2D but is not working so far.

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Check that the parent is not stopping the mouse.

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It isn't. The scene works fine when working by itself. But won't work when as the child of a canvas layer. (I instance the scene onto a canvas layer from within the main game).

Can any of the other objects get mouse events. Also, I might not have been explicit enough in my answer. I meant to check that the parent object doesn't have its mouse_filter property set to MOUSE_FILTER_STOP.

It might be worth making a simple example and linking it here.

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An expanded Control node can block the mouse to lower nodes.

Check if there is a Control node inside the CanvasLayer and change the property mouse_filter to Ignore.

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