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His English was as bad as his coding skills

I created a Camera2D node as a child of KinematicBody2D (Hero) and set Current to "true",
but the camera isn't following character when it moves. I broke my mind...

Main scene node tree:
main tree

KinematicBody2D(Hero) node tree:
hero tree

Camera node: (tried different options on/off)

Showcase: (That's what happens)


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Have you set the drag margins? Eg if you set each to 0, camera will move whenever character moves.

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Yes, i did. I also tried to turn it off and some other things. :P
I was having a nice time for about an hour, seeking for solutions, but didn't find anything.

I also created a new project, and... everything is working fine! Like there was no absolutely unlogical and mindbreaking mystery Camera problem..

Thank you for reply by the way

No worries. I've done that a few times. If there's something really simple that should be working, I just make a new project and see if I can get it working there.. Glad to hear it's working now.

Did you maybe activate "editable children" at some time before? I think I had an issue once were I used "editable children" to change a property of a child node and then deactivated it again, and then found that the changed property was stuck (as in not updated when it changed in the reference scene).

Should also make sure that it is the current camera enabled and not just the default viewport view.

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