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Has there ever been plans to make Godot 3 an all-in-one game maker? For example, there could be a section inside Godot to easily make meshes, etc. Thus, one can make their assets in Godot without having to go to external programs like 3D Builder, Wings 3D, Fragmotion, Blender, etc.

I kind think that with the recent Godot 3, Godot is almost there in this regard too. I just think that there should be a more dedicated and easier means to do this inside the engine as such takes more time than do the above programs.
Anyway, this is just an idea if it hasn't been considered already.

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That is a good idea, to have a mesh editor. A problem with that is someone would have to add on a whole other editor. It's doable, but difficult.

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We should have something like probuilder for unity

Which is really powerful tool to build environment with textures

But I think it’s hard to do , at least at this moment

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I think it's perfectly possible, but I'm pretty sure it's priority to finish other parts of the engine first.

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Your are completely free to add those functions yourself if you want them, but I doubt it will come to the official build. Maby a simple mesh builder but I don't really know.

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