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I am trying to constraint two side-by-side cube shaped rigid bodies together so that they react as one single part until this constraint is removed later during the game.

I have tried with PinJoint without success. The SliderJoint could be a solution but I am having a hard time understanding the parameters.

Maybe joints are not the best approach?


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You can use 6DOFJoint and set each axis linear limits for min and max to 0 thats what I'm using right now

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Thanks it seems to do the trick. What parameters do you use to have a hard link (by default it is a bit softy, I try to play with damping, softness and restitution without any tangible results)?

thats strange, I'm trying to achieve opposite (make it soft) by adjusting sliders without success.

Changing these values seems to have no effect! Maybe it should be reported as a bug.

you're probably right

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