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I'm trying some things and looking at tutorials to help me to get through some problems but there's lots of functions that doesn't exist anymore in Godot 3.0 like getcollider, getcollision_pos, etc. I tried to go for the documentation but it didn't helped me that much.

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Official documentation:
though it changes from move_and_collide to move_and_slide without explanation

The api reference (is your best friend):

And the demos, kinematic character and Platformer demos use KinematicBody2D.

The main change is that move is now move_and_collide and returns a KinematicCollision2D object with collision data, and move_and_slide add methods to get the list of collisions while sliding (check the reference).

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Ooh really thanks! I completely forgot about the api reference. Also I'm gonna look for some demos.

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I did what you did before. Believe me it's not going to help at all if you don't read the docs very carefully, although you don't feel like sometimes. move_and_collide returns a KinematicCollision2D object, which gives you the collider via KinematicCollision2D.collider and the position via KinematicCollision2D.position.

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