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Could anyone please give me a basic explanation of what custom_blend does? I know to set it to 1 to have both run at the same time but I'm not sure what it does. I can't seem to have 3 animations in the same player run at the same time, only 2. I just don't understand exactly what custom blend does. Thanks.

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Godot's AnimationPlayer is built to run one animation at a time, which can be blended with one other animation at a time. That's what custom_blend is for. When you do

AnimationPlayer.play("test", 1, 1)

it will blend from the last animation to the new one. If you repeat this, it will ignore the very first animation, because only two can be blended.
If you want to have multiple animations running simultaneously, use multiple players or AnimationTreePlayer.

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Thanks that's what I thought. Yeah I've just been using multiple animationplayers.

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