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On new game screen I have an ItemList for selecting language. When I click on any of the items it gets selected and previously selected item gets deselected, but if I click on empty area of the ItemList, all items get deselected. I would like to prevent that.

Additionally, when I select an item via code in _ready function it gets styled incorrectly. Though I managed to work around it, by moving selecting code to fixed_process.

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I figured a workaround for the problem, I can store last selected item value in a variable, connect an input event to the ItemList and when user clicks on the list and no item is selected, reselect the last selected item.

More or less this:

func _on_LanguageList_item_selected( index ):
    last_selected_language = index

func _on_LanguageList_input_event( event ):
if (event.type == InputEvent.MOUSE_BUTTON):
    if (event.is_pressed()):
        if (!clicked):
            if (language_list.get_selected_items().size() == 0):
            clicked = true
        clicked = false;
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