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Here is what I'm currently trying:

var sprite3d = Sprite3D.new()
var viewport = Viewport.new() 
var viewport_texture = ViewportTexture.new()
sprite3d.texture = viewport_texture

However I'm getting the following error:

0:00:05:0418 - Condition ' !vp ' is true. returned: Size2()
Time: 0:00:05:0418
C Error: Condition ' !vp ' is true. returned: Size2()
C Source: scene\main\viewport.cpp:106
C Function: ViewportTexture::get_size

Makes me think that maybe the viewport_texture isn't actually using the viewport and isn't displaying any texture. Any help appreciated.

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You never assign the viewport_texture to anything. How is the viewport meant to know, that it should use it?

Have your read this?

I updated it but I didn't think that adding the texture to a sprite was relevant, I would still get the same error

The problem here is that the viewport texture doesn't know what the node path is relative to, and as far as I can tell the only thing configuring that is the packed scene system. Not sure this can be fixed without modifying the source code.

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