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some resource files are not exported.

I assume it's because of the uncommon format(*.bme)

and don't even appear in editor.

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If you want a quick solution, you could select the option to export all files instead of only selected resources.

Or you could add *.bme to the "Filter to export non-resource files" field.

I don't know if the fact that they are not displayed in the resources list is a bug, or if it's because it displays only resources, i.e. files which are linked to nodes in a way that the editor knows about. Do you see them in the Filesystem dock?

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'export all files' option does not work too.
and Filesystem also does not show *.bme files.

but adding *.bme to the "Filter to export non-resource files" field worked !
thank you!

Please open a bug report on GitHub then, I think the filesystem dock should show those files even if it doesn't understand their file type.

oh. ok i will

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