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I set my timer node to 3 seconds, every 3 seconds it will give off the same Error.

Time: 0:00:03:0567
C Error: Error calling method from signal 'timeout':  
'KinematicBody2D(Bunny.gd)::timeout_complete': Method not found.
C Source: core\object.cpp:1202
C Function: Object::emit_signal

How do i read this? What is it telling me?

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that means you connected timeout signal to timeout_complete function on Timer node, but can not find timeout_complete function in Bunny.gd file.

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You make it sound so simple. So you covered the C Error and C Function, what is the C Source saying? And what is C? Kinda implies to me there might be an A and B of some sorts?

Thanx for clearing it up like that. Thats how the debugger should communicate.

I got another, i'll try this one.

Description: Signal 'timeout' is already connected to given method '_timeout_jump' in that object.
Time: 0:00:04:0297
C Error: Condition ' s->slot_map.has(target) ' is true. returned: ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER
C Source: core\object.cpp:1413
C Function: Object::connect

So i have signal connected from timeout to timeout_jump, but another signal is setting timeout_jumps->slot.map.has(target) to truewich returns an error ERR_INVALID_PARAMATER?

I think i got it right, but i have no idea what s->slotmap.has(target) is or where it comes from.

in that case, I think the description described well.
you already connected timeout to _timeout_jump method but you tried to connected more than once.

the C xxx: said about the information of actual c++ source which triggers the error or warning to figure out what is wrong with yourself by looking source code.
and sometimes it helps to find engine bugs also. :)

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