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Hi I have asked that question here and may be I can repeat it now here below :

I sometime get lost in the visual scripting nodes and where to find them (some are under different CALL modes, or global constant, etc... ).

would there be table listing all the functions (and various constants and so may functions and sub functions...) altogether so that we can do a word search in it ?

for ease of use, this table would also contain how to access this visualscript node (under callsingleton, or global const, or basic const, or...),
so that we can simply search for the equivalent GDscript function name, and get the visual node directly.
for instance if I search for mouse, I get the answer getglobalmouseposition() and getlocalmouseposition() which are both methods of "CanvasItem", within "CallSelf" within "Call" function.

The node and terminolgy page of the manual is a good overview of the visual nodes, however when looking for a specific function it is often not provinding the answer.
In fact I'm looking for a kind of "visual node API"... if it exists.

I would be gratefull if you know of any of these elements.
thanks and regards

asked Mar 13, 2018 in Engine by Nico_fr (50 points)

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There's a full list of nodes in the API docs:

They're not really separated out and searchable in the way you describe (which would be very useful).

Honestly, VS is still very new so there hasn't been much time for the community to contribute much in the way of documentation. I started to do some work with it, but honestly, I find it far more frustrating and cumbersome to use than GDScript, so I'm not really recommending it to my students. I am sure it will improve over time as it matures.

answered Mar 13, 2018 by kidscancode (17,704 points)
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