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How to export windows desktop command line to pck file? Reason is to debug build test for window and html but can't find the right information.

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Did you mean you want to export in windows debug release? I usually export project from Project menu, choose for Windows Desktop and then Export Project.

You will get two files, the .exe one & the .pck one. when you run the .exe the windows desktop command line will show up to show some error.

Oh forgot to add detail. I wanted to export my game project on command line from visual studio code for script build to testing. Can't find the way to get working. I wanted to get the data.pck only when it exported since I am rebuild the modules test build.

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To export a windows build from the command line, first add the windows build export preset in the export project gui and give it a name. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the export templates (see here for how to do that). Then from the command line you can export with:

godot --export "preset_name"  /path/to/game.exe

when you first do this, godot will make a file called export_presets.cfg. if the export doesn't work, you can double check that your "preset_name" matches the entry in the export_presets.cfg.

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It just took a while to understand how it works. Tired the different in the git build branches as 3.0 seem to work but few errors. Just the export seem to freeze and not sure if done or not.

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