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I have problem with understanding how transform is working inside of MultiMeshInstance (and propably in every other places).

I need to rotate my meshes inside of MultiMeshInstance by given degrees angle but only option avaible in this node is transform by matrix and I dont konw how to do that or use function like "rotated".

On the picture you can see my object with wrong rotated "planks". How can I rotate them to fit with this "rails"?enter image description here

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PS. When I'm trying to use

rotated(Vector3(-4, 0, -3), 90)

nothing happens but consol output shows a warning:

core\math\matrix3.cpp:751 - Condition ' paxis.isnormalized() ==
false ' is true.

how about rotated(Vector3(-4, 0, -3).normalized(), 90)

So silmple so awesome!!!
Thank You!!!

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