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There's a control that I want to move using tween, but control are using rect_position instead of position so I tried to set the nodepath to "rect/position" or "position" which both of them are not working.
if I use the "rect:position" I got an error that said :

Condition !prop_valid is true, return false

Am I correct using rect_position as tween property to move a control? or is there another way? thank you for reading.

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Isn't it just rect_position?

This works:

var tween = Tween.new()

tween.interpolate_property( \
    $Panel, "rect_position", \
    Vector2(100,100), Vector2(300,200), 1.0, \
    Tween.TRANS_QUAD, Tween.EASE_IN)


Hint: you can check this by moving your mouse over the name of the property in the inspector, it will appear as a tooltip.

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thank you, I didn't realize the tooltip :D

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