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So, I'm getting those crashes at startup, they seem to be common on old GPUs, but i'm actually using a really modern one. Not only that, but the crashes are also really inconsistent, when I redownload Godot it seems to have a slim chance of actually working, but when i try to save or run anything that i have done, the crashes reappear.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: btw, the error on saving/loading project is this

running cmdline: "C:\Users\Paulo\Desktop\Godot\Godotv3.0.2-stablewin64.exe" "--path" "C:/Users/Paulo/Documents/Mini%20Platform%20Game" "--remote-debug" "" "--allowfocusstealpid" "9752" "--position" "448,240"
** Debug Process Started **
peertcpwinsock.cpp:203 - Server disconnected!

** Debug Process Stopped

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